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Haroj 34cm Premium quality frying pan

Haroj 34cm Premium quality frying pan

  • Description:

    • Made of 304 food grade stainless steel
      - fast heat conduction,uniform heating
      - easy to clean
    • 34cm width // 8cm deep
    • Pan body only got 1.4kg
    • Uncoated,honeycomb pan
      - adopt Japanese physical non-stick
      - no chemicals,long-term use,non-stick pan
    • Uncoated,non-stick pan
      - fried,stir-fried and stewed fot thre
      use,less oily smoke
      - stir-fry with steel spatula,more flavorful
    • vertical lid
      - thicken and stand.easy to operate
    • anti-scalding handle
      - hollow design.heat insulation and antiscalding
    • fast heat conduction,compatible with all heat
      - suitable for ceramic cooker/induction
      cooker/gas stove
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