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HAROJ Fingerprint Biometric Safety Box (New vers)

HAROJ Fingerprint Biometric Safety Box (New vers)

  • Description:

    • Using Japanese laser cutting technology
    - Strictly control the gap between the door cracks
    - No gaps, no prying points, more safer

    • Using the latest real-time fingerprint technology
    - Multiple copy protection, fast idebtification
    - 30 fingerprints can saved for accurate identification

    • Multiple opening methods,safe and easy to master
    - Key
    - Fingerprint
    - Password
    - Fingerprint + password

    • Details ; meticulous work
    - Sturdy hard lock: completely resist physical breakage
    - 3D leather interior: soft and moisture-proof,avoid scratches
    - Dedicated private inner cabinet: double protection with independent private space
    - Simple and atmospheric handle: ergonomic design,practical and convenient
    - Removable partition: can be adjusted up and down,the space cabinet can be used reasonably

    • Dual alarm system
    - After severe vibration
    - The password or fingerprint are continuously entered incorrectly
    - will automatically enter the alarm mode

    • Comes with various accessories
    - Wall plug x4
    - Safe Box powerbank

    • Equipped with smart touch screen panel
    - Large screen digital display, touch screen operation


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