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Haroj Smart Rotate BBQ Pan

Haroj Smart Rotate BBQ Pan

  • Description:

    • Using 3D infrared heating
      - infrared and smokeless barbecue,the temperature can be adjusted by urself
      - reduce oil consumption,can perfertly lock the moistureof the ingredients
    • Rotate 360 degrees
      - using two-way heating method to ensure that food is cooked at the same time
      - able to lock in delicious gravy and maintain a tender tatse
    • LCD touch screen adjustment
      - touch screen operation,convenient and simple
      - ability to control the cooking temperature and time
    • Rotate around 60 degrees
      - can be moved at any timeduring the barbeque
      - convenient to eatavoid being scalded
    • Thickened backware , Non-stick material
      - Non-stick material,no oily smoke
      - Easy to clean,just wipe off
    • Intelligent oil guide
      - equipped with a large-capacity oil tank
      - when grilling, excess oil automatically return
      - reduce oil intake,healthier
    • Bakeware fixed button
      - cannot rotate when locked,convenient for storage and not easy to shake
    • Petal Vent // Bottom blower for heat dessipation
      - can effectively protect the motherboard and avoid overheating
    • One-button power switch,conbencient for elderly and children to get started
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