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Hydrogen Bottle Kessler Portable Release Hydrogen Water Bottle

Hydrogen Bottle Kessler Portable Release Hydrogen Water Bottle

3 Mins.


3 Steps.


Every Day.


Pursuit For Natural Perfection


The aspiration of recreating nature’s original water and supported with scientific research; we present an everyday water essential which targets impurities, restores bio-minerals and revitalises the energetic structure based on innovative water science.


Combining this with research backed hydrogen concentrations, to deliver a powerful and portable health tool.


This infuses the most bioavailable and effective antioxidant into an ideal water form to reverse cellular damage and aging which results from oxidative damage.


Why This Bottle Is Needed ?


Have you ever thought why we feel so good walking in the woods, on a beach or near a river, breathing the fresh air in the mountains, or just breathing the fresh after rain air? Well, let's see what it's all about.


The air around us is filled with electrically charged particles. Positively or negatively charged, they are called ions. Both positive and negative ions occur naturally in the air.


However, the environment we live in today has far more sources of positive ions than in the past, creating an electrical imbalance in the air and our bodies. They are also called free radicals.


Free radicals are highly reactive, imbalanced molecules that are the by-products of normal metabolism and are associated with the degenerative aging process. Free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells to neutralize their own charge, causing cellular damage.


Molecular hydrogen provides a key purpose in neutralising these free radical due to it’s ability to provide the needed electrons. Hydrogen is so effective and efficient at balancing oxidative stress that the resulting reaction byproduct is water (H20) and prevents imbalances which can occur with other antioxidants. 


How It Works?

With the press of the button, water is split into hydrogen and oxygen gas in an electrolysis process. This hydrogen gas infuses into the water creating antioxidant (energy giving) water with maximum bioavailability.


Portable USB Charging

The powerful battery life is coupled with the ability to charge on the go using a USB port or with the included power adapter at a wall outlet. This allows you to create clean, energetic hydrogen water anytime, anywhere.


Stop Drinking Second Polluted water

Drinking 5 Cups Hydrogen Water Every Day equivalent to the antioxidant value supplied by hundreds of vegetables and fruit

3 minutes improve water quality

High Borocilicate Glass (Food-grade Quality)

USB Charging


【Product Information】

Product name: Hydrogen rich water cup

Hydrogen concentration: 800-1200PPB

Rated Voltage:5V

Electrolytic Power :4W

Rated capacity:450ml

    RM299.00 Regular Price
    RM199.00Sale Price
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