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Kessler Sweeper Wireless Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper

Kessler Sweeper Wireless Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper

Kessler Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper K-8886


📌Built-in rechargeable alkaline battery.

📌3 rotating brushes

📌Able to sweep on various types of floors

📌Auto-electrical flow termination system

📌Easy-to-release dust collection bin

📌Size (L x W x H): 29.5 x 34.5 x 9.5

📌Weight: 2kg


A dirty and dusty floor can be one of the main reasons that people in the house gets sick easily. Clean your homes with the Kessler Triangular Rechargeable Sweeper effortlessly! With built-in rechargeable alkaline battery, its 3 rotating brushes is able to sweep on various types of floors. Its auto-electrical flow termination system allows you to charge for 3 hour and you are able to use it up to 2 hours.


Maintaining a clean home is no easy feat. Besides continuously cleaning different areas, it is achievable with tools that make home cleaning easy. The Rechargeable Triangular Sweeper does exactly just that. Get one of the intelligent solution to house-chores today, and get everyone involved in keeping your home clean.


✅ New Generation


✅ Ultra-light weight at 1.1kg


✅ Up to 2 hours of sweeping action


✅ Triangle design allow for movement flexibility


✅ Coner bumpers designed to protect against wall surface


✅ Wireless & rechargeable


✅ 1 year manufacture warranty

    RM199.00 Regular Price
    RM139.00Sale Price
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