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HAROJ Anion Food Cleaning Machines

HAROJ Anion Food Cleaning Machines



•High-energy ion cleaning, disinfection

- Able to deeply purify the residues of harmful substances

- It can eliminate up to 99% of common bacteria

- Able to disinfect quickly and effectively in a short time


• Visible transparent water tank

- The cleaning proses is clear at a glance


• Using quad-core high-effeciency electrolysis

- significant increase in ion concentration

- completely wrapped and purified, no dead ends

- bacteria removal rate is as high as 99.9%


• 360 degree vortex washing

- The cleaning effect is greatly improved

- The stains on the food surface are deeply cleaned

• The surface is bright and no loss of nutrition

- The cleaned fruits will become very

- Remove harmful bacteria, etc

- Restore the original colour if the fruits


• Large capacity,simple and easy to operate

- 12 litre large capacity

- All ingredients can cleaned at once

- Fruits and vegetables can be mixed and washed


• Equipped with a separate cleaning frame

- The washing frame can be easily lifed after washing


• Variety of function , one-button operateion

- one-button start

- Saving time for washing dishes

    RM899.00 Regular Price
    RM399.00Sale Price
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