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Haroj 2.2 litre premium quality fryer pot

Haroj 2.2 litre premium quality fryer pot

  • Description:

    • Made of 304 food grade stainless steel
      - fast heat conduction,uniform heating
      - easy to clean
    • 20cm width // 8cm deep // 2200 ml
    • Pot body only got 0.8kg
    • Can filter oil while frying
      - lid is equipped with a detachable stainless
      steel oil filter,easy to clean
      - drained oil will flow back into the
      pot.thereby reducing oil intake
    • Equipeped with independent thermometer
      - Precisely control oil temperature to make
      food more delicious
    • Fast heat conduction,compatible with all heat
      - suitable for ceramic cooker/induction
      cooker/gas stove
    • Large capacity,suitable for frying
      - deepen and increase capacity to make frying
      more convenient
    • Intimate lid to prevent oil splashing
      - lid designed to tilt in 45 degrees to prevent
      oil splashing during frying
      - Fastened by buckle,safer to use
RM218.00 一般價格
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