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Haroj Air Purifier

Haroj Air Purifier

Free heap filter x1

  • Description:

    •HD Touch Screen
    - The touch operation on the large screen is clear and easy to operate
    • Intelligent Detection of Air Quality
    - real-time detection of surrounding air quality
    - Green : Air quality good
    - Orange : Air quality medium
    - Red : Air quality bad
    • 500 million negative ions released
    - can quickly and effectively reduce formaldehyde,hamrmful gases
    - can quickly settle dust and purify the air
    • Quadruple purification
    - able to strongly adsorb harmful subtances
    - able to filter dust,hair and remove odor
    - integrated filter,longer services life
    • Energy-saving , can covering a large area
    - high efficiency,only use 40W power
    - capable of covering a large area of 600 square feet
    • With timer shutdown function
    - can set the shutdown time manually, without worrying about power consumption
    • quiet and silent when using, no need to worry about noisy noise to ensure the quality of sleep

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