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HAROJ Smokeless 3D Infrared Heating Barbeque Pan

HAROJ Smokeless 3D Infrared Heating Barbeque Pan


💕Heating Rate

💕Smart Touch Screen

💕Easy To Clean

💕360°Rotating Barbeque Pan



- It is easy to use in this infrared cooking mode (makes infrared play an efficient role)

- Direct irradiation of infrared light makes foods tasty and delicious

- It is easy to adjust teh time in infrared heating mode

- Easy to use and clean (no smoke and maintain the surrounding enviroment clean)

- Eco-friendly products without any harmful substances (instead of carbon,gas),inhibits efficiently from producting carcinogens (removing reactive oxygen)

- Basically no fumes,no residual odor

- The ovenware fully absorbs infrared radiation heat and maximizes utilization of using energy.

- Cooking with proper temperature and direct fire for fresh taste

- You are free to cook anytime or anywhere,even the windy place (a fan,an air-cond or outdoor etc.)

- Cook in a dark room without any lightning facilities and there is no need while using it.


Product Model No: LY-007

Net Weight: 3.2kg

Rated Voltage: 110/220V, 1390W


Meat~ Raw Meat/Chilled Fresh Meat/Cook From Inside/Maintain Moisture

Seafood~ Fish/Shrimp/Grill Both from inside and surface

Vegetables~ No scotch,Keep Juicy,Delicious,Garlic For 4 Mins

Others~ Bread/Dumplings/Ham


#Barbeque #Grill

    RM1,199.00 一般價格
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