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Dehumidifier Kessler LED Intelligent Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier Kessler LED Intelligent Dehumidifier

Kessler Dehumidifier 


✓ Reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air 


✓ Helps prevent the formation of mould or unpleasant odours 


✓ Dry clothes function that quickly dries your laundry 


✓ Low noise emissions and superior energy efficiency 


✓ One button operate ✓ Set timing 


✓ Remote control ✓ Wind speed :high & low 2 speedy 


✓ Photocatalyst sterilizing Purifying air 


✓ Intelligent display  ✓ Defrosting   ✓ Water full automatic stop 


✓ auxiliary drying  ✓ Dehumidification  ✓ LED large screen 


✓ Large tank design:2200ml 


✓ Application :bedroom , office , living room, villas, warehouse,  bathroom,kitchen,wardrode ,basements 


【Product Information】

Rated power : 220v~50Hz 

Rated voltage : 100W 

Dehumidifying :1080ml/day 

Machine size :245x145x375mm 

Water tank capacity : 2000ml

Machine weight :2.5kg

    RM399.00 一般價格
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