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Foot Massage Kessler Blood Circulation Relax Foot Massage

Foot Massage Kessler Blood Circulation Relax Foot Massage

~ Modern Foot Massage

~ Japan Technology

~ Heating

~ Scrapping Massage

~ Air Ressure Massage

~ Rolling Massage

~ Kneading Massage

~ Calf Pressure Massage



-Through the contraction and expansion of the air bag

-Acuouncture massage

-Fixed rail scraping, can massage from toe to heel

-Simulated hand massage skill, massage toe foot and heel

-Automatic timing (15min shut off)


【Product Information】

Porduct : Foot Massager

Model : K-1188

Rated Voltage : 220-240V~

Frequency : 50-60Hz

Power : 60W

Rated Time : 15min

Box size :46*30.5*43.5cm


【Product Features】

1, 4Dfully wrapped double airbag massage ,covering the area below the ankle

2, massage with heating function ,warm both your body and heart

3, Rolling massage from toe to sole area of your foot .

4, Simulated human rolling massage,focusing on the arch-shaped depression area of the foot

5, The top pressure kneading massage ,like a skilled massage hand, brings an extraordinary massage experience.

    RM799.00 一般價格
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