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Memory Foam Pillow Contour Butterfly Pillow

Memory Foam Pillow Contour Butterfly Pillow

庫存單位: Butterfly Pillow

Contour Memory Foam Pillow 


• Horizontal wave design 


• 3 dimensional support : shoulder, neck , head • Relaxes neck and shoulder curves 


• Curve-fitted comfort support 


• Skin-friendly and soft to touch 


• Slow-rebound memory foam core 


• Wider and longer for comfortable turning • Ergonomic design 


• Balanced pressure relief 


• Sizes :60 x 40 x 12/9cm 


• Natural & harmless 


• Bamboo cover:thew double combination of  bamboo memory foam inner core and bamboo  fiber cover makes this pillow soft and  breathable ,and with moisture-wicking feature to  help keep you cool and dry

    RM69.90 一般價格
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